Message by the Hospital Head


Dr. Seyed Hossein Sadrosadat                                                                                                   

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care Fellowship 



Farabi Eye Hospital is proud of providing comprehensive world-class ophthalmic services.

As an academic institute affiliated with the nation esteemed medical university, TUMS we are acting as the premier educational center & Mecca of ophthalmology in Iran. We welcome international applicants for pursuing clinical and research tracks in basic and advanced ophthalmology. We welcome academic exchanges and partnerships with regional and international eye institutes and research and development bodies.

We are extensively involved in clinical research; thru 2014, Google Scholar lists more than 820 publications of Farabi. We accept participation in multicenter studies, clinical investigations commissioned by the industry.

We have recently established infrastructures for stem cell and ophthalmic genetics research & development under the title: ‘Regenerative & Molecular Ophthalmology Center’ to facilitative translational studies in our huge clinical base.

In addition to providing service to our country mates, Farabi has welcomed visitors from neighbor countries Afghanistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, etc. always.

For scheduling a visit you may contact us at

God may bless your eyes best of health!


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