Short Courses (3 months) 


·         Cataract Surgery (Phacoemulsification)

·         Ocular Surface

·         Keratoplasty

·         Refractive Surgery

·         Contact Lens (& Keratoconus)

·         Ocular Trauma and Emergency Ophthalmology

·         Glaucoma

·         Vitreo-Retinal Surgery

·         Electrophysiology

·         ROP

·         Strabismus

·         Orbit and Oculoplasty

·         Neuro-ophthalmology

·         Ocular Oncology



For formal application please visit GSIA 


Potential candidates may also apply for 3-month short course through ICO. For more information please click HERE.


ICO Fellowship at Farabi:


ICO Host


Mohammadreza Akbari Baghbani MD
TehranIR , 
Phone +98-21-55421113 and +98-21-55421001 
Fax: +98-21-55409095


Host Contact


Mohammad Soleimani MD,FICO


Medical Center


Farabi Eye Hospital, Dept. of Ophthalmology 
Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) 
Qazvin Square 
Teheran, 1336616351, IR


Regular Teaching Events


17 Hours per week

·         Morning Reports

·         Grand Rounds

·         Clinical Sessions

·         Journal Club

·         Lectures

·         Case Presentations

·         Surgery Conferences

·         Research Conferences

·         (Subspecialty) Seminars / Tutorials


ICO Fellowships Offered


·         Clinical Exposures

·         Surgical Exposure

For more information click HERE.


Language(s): English, Persian




SubspecialtyFellowship DurationFellowship Supervisor
3 months1 year
ROP and Pediatric RetinaYReza Karkhane, MD
StrabismusYMohammad Reza Akbari Baghbani, MD
GlaucomaYGhasem Fakhraie, MD
Cornea & External DiseasesYMohammad Reza Fallah Tafti, MD
Medical RetinaYReza Karkhane, MD
Vitreo-RetinaYReza Karkhane, MD
OculoplasticsYAbolfazl Kasaie, MD
Cataract SurgeryYMohammad Reza Fallah Tafti, MD


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