Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Fellowship




Strabismus clinic in Farabi eye hospital is one of the largest referral centers in Iran. The Strabismus Fellowship Program of the Farabi Eye Hospital and Tehran University of Medical Sciences was established in 1990 and. It has been successful at preparing efficient strabismus specialists who serve as competent clinicians as well as excellent academic staff. The program is planned to take 18 months.


The Aim of the course 


The Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Fellowship provide broad clinical and research experience in all areas of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, amblyopia, and adult strabismus.

As a researcher, the fellow will also be able to critically appraise clinical and scientific publications, and successfully carry out a research project that can be presented at national or international meetings and published in a peer-reviewed journal.


General competencies



The trainers will be assessed according to their potentials to communicate, interview, report, critical thinking problem solving managing patient as well as professionalism.


The Terms and conditions of admission to the course


·         A degree in medicine accredited by the Office of Vice- Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

·         A degree in ophthalmology accredited by the Office of Vice- Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

·         Evaluation of applicant academic documents including curriculum vitae

·         Personal interviews


Ethical issues

The graduates should:

·         Observe the patient's Bill of Rights1 when working with the patients.

·         Strictly observe Bio-safety and patent Safety Rules* concerning the patients, personnel and workplace.

·         Observe the Rulebook for dress Code2.

·         Strictly observe the regulations of working with the laboratory Animals3.

·         Carefully preserve resources and equipment.

·         Truly respect faculty members, the staff, classmates and other students and work for creating an intimate and respectful atmosphere.

·         Observe social and professional ethical considerations in criticism.

1, 2 and 3 are contained in the Enclosures.

*  Biosafety and Patient Safety Rules will be set out by the Educational Departments and will be available to the students.


Special Regulations


*       Participation in Strabismus and Amblyopia clinics.

*       Participation in Hospital/ strabismus Service Conferences, Case Presentation Conferences, and Journal Clubs

*       Participation in research projects under supervision of the strabismus faculty

*       Supervision and teaching of residents and medical students in the strabismus Service

*       Attendance and presentation at meetings such as: Iranian Society of Ophthalmology Annual Congress, and Farabi Hospital Annual Meeting. 



Mohammad Reza Akbari, MD

Masoud Aghsaei Fard, MD

Arash Mirmohammad Sadegi, MD

Babak Masoomian, MD

Clinical Facilities

The Strabismus Service is located on Farabi Eye Hospital. The current facility is fully equipped with therapeutic and diagnostic equipments. Electrooculograpgy, elecroretingraphy, orbital CT, Hess screen, Major Amblyoscope are used routinely.


Clinical Responsibilities


Operating Room 3 in Farabi Eye Hospital with four active operating tables is available. About 300 muscle surgery are performed monthly.  The preoperative (including active role in treatment planning), intraoperative and postoperative management of patients are among responsibilities of the fellow The fellow will participate in Strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology. During the fellowship period, he/she will be in the clinic 3 days per week visiting new cases and follow/up patients and teaching diagnostic strabismus tests, amblyopia treatment, horizontal and vertical deviation measurement and diagnosis. He/she will be in operating room 2 days per week observing or having surgical exposure to different strabismic procedures including horizontal and vertical muscle recession and resection, muscles transposition, orbital wall periosteal fixation of muscles, and oblique muscles surgery. The fellow will also assist on, or sometimes supervise surgeries performed by a resident. 

Research Responsibilities


The fellows have opportunities to participate in research projects in Farabi Hospital Eye Research Center. In particular, fellows are expected to accomplish at least one research project under the mentorship of the faculty during the course of the fellowship.



Telephone number: +98 21 55421001



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