Prof. Hormoz Chams -the son of the founder of Farabi Hospital- was honoured with the Allamah Tabatabai Award by the Iran National Elites Foundation, in 2013 and was given the right to hold a research chair. Farabi Eye Hospital, a premier national eye institute and a comprehensive centre of excellence in ophthalmology, hosts the Chair.



Prof. Hormoz Chams


The mission of the Chair is to focus on Public Health Ophthalmology (PHO), covering evidence generation- policy outreach, graduate studies and researches, and eye health care delivery modeling.


Long-term objectives are:


-       Establishment of a population lab and study of the social determinants of visual health and equity in eye care 

-       Post-doctoral and PhD by Research trainings on ophthalmic epidemiology, ophthalmic economics,  ophthalmic dietetics, ophthalmic biostatistics, ophthalmic molecular epidemiology, and community ophthalmology

-       Hosting visiting professors on PHO

-       Health systems research (HSR) and community-based participatory research (CBPR)

-       Researches in health economics and ophthalmic technology assessment 

-       Holding workshops and seminars on PHO; networking, guest researchers involvement

-       Ophthalmic knowledge translation: factsheets, advocacy papers, policy brief development

-       Policy analyses on the prevention of blindness and eye health



Chams Research Chair Members:


Hormoz Shams, MD-Subspecialty in Retina

Professor & Chairholder


Mahmoud Jabarvand Behrouz, MD-Subspecialty in Cornea and Anterior Segment

Professor & the Host


Alireza Lashay, MD-Subspecialty in Retina

Professor & Chair Consultant


Seyed-Farzad Mohammadi, MD-Subspecialty in Cornea

Associate Professor & Chair Executive Director


Cyrus Alinia, PhD in Health Economy

Chair Researcher


Elham Ashrafi, PhD in Epidemiology

Chair Researcher




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