World Sight Day


World Sight Day (WSD) is an annual day of awareness held on the second Thursday of October, to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. It was originally initiated by the SightFirstCampaign of Lions Club International Foundation in 2000. It has since been integrated into VISION 2020 and is coordinated by IAPB in cooperation with the World Health Organization.


This event is also celebrated in Iran every year. It is an important advocacy and communications opportunity for the eye health community. It is a great time to engage with a wider audience and showcase why eye health needs everybody’s attention.



WSD-A Narrative Report


Oct 2014-Iran


The theme of “Eye Health n Diet” was chosen for the event. To further promote and instruct on the role and value of a balanced and healthy diet on sight, a factsheet was developed with the collaboration of Eye Health and PBL and Diet Improvement Offices of the MoH and Shams Research Chair in Public Health Ophthalmology. A poster on eye health and diet was unveiled and the factsheet was released. A memorial photo was taken next; while participants were holding the poster miniature.


From some weeks ahead, we had chosen a reputed and pioneer artist, MrJamshidMashayekhi, as the Eye Health Ambassador. We had interviewed him and prepared a video clip on the occasion in which the Ambassador, the NC for Eye Health n PBL, the Chief Ophthalmologist of the Farabi Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology (Dr Mahmoud Jabbarvand) & Prof Chams (national ophthalmology figure) had addressed the occasion and its theme. The video was played during the ceremonyand in the national health TV channel. A delegate (MsPanteaTajbakhsh), on behalf of the Ambassador, addressed the audience live on the occasion too.


This year was the 2nd in which we had a scientific meetingtoo at the time of the WSD; the theme was Primary Eye Health. The first session was a symposium and the other two sessions were continuous medical education seminar.


Local municipality (#11 district) organized the social aspects of the event in the courtyard of Farabi Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology. They held painting contest for the children & best SMS on the value of sight. Kids were given prizes? And ten people who sent the selected messages were given prizes too. The recruitment for participation in the SMS contest had been done through municipality & university networks. The notice carried a message on the theme of the event.


During the month leading to the event and at the time of celebration, free of charge vision screening visits were held in the southern regions of Tehran, local municipality offices & in the courtyard of Farabi Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology with the collaboration of optometrists and resident colleagues.


For better media coverage, a pre-event press conference was held 1 week beforehand and the celebration was suitably broadcasted afterwards.


Sepid, the specialty health news daily, interviewed the organizers and prepared a report.


Participating bodies were Eye Health n PBL Office (MoH), Farabi Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology, Shams Research Chair in Public Health Ophthalmology, Ashk Society for the Visually Impaired, District Municipality &Optometry Society.


S-Farzad Mohammadi MP MPH FICO – NC for Eye Health n PBL, Iran; Oct 2014




World Sight Day Celebration in Iran, 2009-Newsletter I (in Farsi)-WSD Newsletter-88.pdf

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