Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness and Physiological Central Corneal Thickness in Healthy Myopic Eyes

Dr. Amir-Houshang Behesht-NejadDr. Reza GhaffariDr. Sasan Moghimi Dr. Mahmood JabbarvandDr. Abolghasem HajilaariDr. Mohammad-Ali Zare , Dr. Abasat Bashiri


Relationship between GDx VCC and Stratus OCT in Juvenile Glaucoma

Zareii RSoleimani MMoghimi SEslami YFakhraie GAmini H.


Relationship between the GDx VCC and Stratus OCT in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma

Dr. Ali AbdollahiDr. Mohammad Reza Panjtan PanahDr. Heydar AminiDr. Ghasem FakhraeiDr. Reza ZareiDr. Mohammad SoleimaniDr. Sasan Moghimi Dr. Mohammad Yaser KiarudiDr. Mahmoud Jabbarvand , Dr. Yadollah Eslami


Ultrasound Biomicroscopy of Conventional and Sutureless (23, 25-Gauge) Sclerotomy Sites after Pars Plana Vitrectomy

Dr. Mehdi Nili AhmadabadiDr. Ebrahim AzaripourDr. Morteza Movassat Dr. Reza KarkhanehDr. Mohammad Riazi EsfahaniDr. Mohammad Yaser KiarudiDr. Sasan MoghimiDr. Ramak Roohipoor , Dr. Fariba Ghassemi


Evaluation of Posterior Lens Capsule by 20-MHz Ultrasound Probe in Traumatic Cataract

Tabatabaei AKiarudi MYGhassemi FMoghimi SMansouri MMirshahi AKheirkhah A.


Topical Latanoprost Does Not Cause Macular Thickening after Uncomplicated Cataract Surgery

Moghimi SZandian MLatifi GAmini HEslami YZarei RFakhraie GNouri-Mahdavi K.


Retinal nerve fiber thickness is reduced in sleep apnea syndrome

Moghimi SAhmadraji ASotoodeh HSadeghniat KMaghsoudipour MFakhraie GLatifi GNassiri NGiaconi JA.


Effect of adjunctive viscogonioplasty on drainage angle status in cataract surgery: a randomized clinical trial

Eslami YLatifi GMoghimi SGhaffari RFakhraie GZarei RJabbarvand MMohammadi MLin S.


Ocular Biometry in the Subtypes of Angle Closure: An Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography Study

Moghimi SVahedian ZFakhraie GGhaffari REslami YJabarvand MZarei RMohammadi MLin S.


Structure–Function Relationships between Spectral-Domain OCT and Standard Achromatic Perimetry

Nilforushan NNassiri NMoghimi SLaw SKGiaconi JColeman ALCaprioli JNouri-Mahdavi K.


Measurement of Optic Disc Size and Rim Area with Spectral-Domain OCT and Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy

Moghimi SHosseini HRiddle JLee GYBitrian EGiaconi JCaprioli JNouri-Mahdavi K.


Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Eyes Treated with Red versus Green Laser in Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy: Short-Term Results

Ghassemi FEbrahimiadib NRoohipoor RMoghimi SAlipour F.


Evaluation of the “IS” Rule to Differentiate Glaucomatous Eyes from Normal

Law SKKornmann HLNilforushan NMoghimi SCaprioli J.


Role of lens vault in subtypes of angle closure in Iranian subjects

Moghimi SVahedian ZZandvakil NMohammdi MFakhraie GNassiri NColeman ALLin S


Accuracy of 3 imaging modalities for evaluation of the posterior lens capsule in traumatic cataract

Tabatabaei AHasanlou NKheirkhah AMansouri MFaghihi HJafari HArefzadeh AMoghimi S.


Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography Parameters in Phacomorphic Angle Closure and Mature Cataracts

Mansouri MRamezani FMoghimi STabatabaie AAbdi FHe MLin SC


RETINA the Journal of Retinal and Vitreous Diseases

Comparison of anterior segment OCT parameters between central retinal vein occlusion and normal eyes: Is primary angle closure a risk factor for central retinal vein occlusion?

Massood Mohammadi, M.D., Fatemeh Bazvand, Ali Makateb, Yadollah Eslami, Mahmood Jabbarvand Behrooz, Ghasem Fakhraie, Reza Zarei, Sasan Moghimi





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