·         Study the correlation between auto fluorescence and ICT findings in patients with suspected macular edema after cataract surgery in Farabi Hospital

Dr. Sherafati, Dr. Mohammad Riazi Esfahani, Dr. Ramak Roohipoor, Dr. Reza Karkhaneh, Dr. S. Marjaneh Hejazi


·         Design and implementation of the multispectral imaging technique for determining the level of oxygen saturation in retinal vessels using fundus camera and simulation in eye equivalent phantom

Masoumeh Fouladi, Dr. S. Marjaneh Hejazi, Dr. Mohammad Riazi Esfahani


·         Evaluating the accuracy of high order optical aberrations obtained by aberrometry Shack-Hartmann before LASIK by orthogonal series

Azadeh Vafaei, Dr. S. Marjaneh Hejazi, Dr. Seye-Farzad Mohammadi


·         Development an optical and a geometrical distortion correction algorithm for Scheimpflug Pentacam quantitative imaging of intraocular lens

Hoesien Bigdeli




Papers Presented in Conferences


·         Development of semi-automatic method for quantifying the area of the auto-fluorescence distribution in Fundus auto-fluorescence images of patient with CME, 21st Iranian Congress of Ophthalmology, 14-17 November, 2011, Tehran, Iran


·         Introduction to Scheimpflug imaging, 21st Iranian Congress of Ophthalmology, 14-17 November, 2011, Tehran, Iran


·         Auto-fluorescence imaging method of retina, Farabi Hospital, 2010, Tehran, Iran.

·         Introduction to new imaging method for measuring the lens thickness, 9th Congress of Iranian Medical Physics, 2010, Tehran, Iran


Journal Articles


·        Measurement of Choroidal Neovascular Area in Age-related Macular Degeneration Using Modified Otsu’s Thresh Method, Iranian Medical Physics Journal, Vol.5,No.2,p.77-84,2008

Hanieh Mohammadreza, Marjaneh Hejazi, MohammadAli Oghabian, Alireza Ahmadian, Masoud Naseripour, Mohammadreza Zarin, Khalil Ghasemi, Hosein Nazari, 


·        Development of an Algorithm for Reducing Scatter Distribution in Fluorescence Images Using Wiener Filter in Wavelet Domain, WC IFMBE Proceedings 25/IV, p. 1869–1872, 2009

E. B. Najafzadeh, M. Hejazi, H. Mohammadreza, M. Rudin, F. Stuker, A. Shirkavand. O. Dössel and W. C. Schlegel (Eds.), 


·        A Modified Semiautomatic Method for Measurement of Hyperfluorescence Area in Fluorescein Angiography Journal, Iranian Journal of Ophthalmology 22(4), 73-79, 2010

K. Ghasemi, H. Mohammad reza, M. Hejazi (corresponding author)


·       Evaluation of Accuracy of High Order Optical Aberration Using Shack-Hartmann Aberrometer by Orthogonal Series, WC IFMBE Proceedings 2012 (in press)

 A.Vafaei, M. Hejazi (corresponding author), S.F.Mohammadi



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