As a teaching hospital for more than 80 years, Farabi entertains a large number of alumni. In this regard, Farabi Alumni Office was established in 2011. The purpose of establishing such an office was to create a hub through which the alumni of Farabi, as the major ophthalmic-academic center in Iran and one of the biggest and highly equipped centers for treating eye diseases in the Middle East, could connect so that their potentials, capacities, experience, and specialized knowledge can be put to efficient use to fulfill a broad range of needs in the hospital and TUMS.


Promoting the position of Farabi would top the list of such goals. Farabi has the ability to use its alumni's expertise, influence, and credit, many of whom are active members of the most prominent academicو and specialized centers across the globe.


Establishing efficient relations with the academic and scientific centers through Farabi alumni, who enjoy active positions in such centers, can pave the way for better and further cooperation as well as launching new rounds of cooperation with these centers.


Other goals of the Farabi Alumni Office would include:


·         Promoting scientific cooperation among its members and creating an efficient environment to share experience

·         Holding scientific, educational and social events (such as Farabi Night Reunion of amumni in Farabi Annual Conference)

·         Facilitating member's access to online scientific journals

·         Introducing the hospital and its facilities in the national and international societies by its alumni



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