Shams Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Festival


Shams Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Festival is held every year aimed to honor and encourage scientists and scholars, identify and introduce top scientific-research projects, create incentives to form and conduct new researches and lead them to national priorities and edge of science, and to encourage student researches and publications in the field of ophthalmology and visual sciences.


The awards winners of the festival are introduced and honored in the two competitive and non-competitive categories:


Competitive category consists of:


·         Best non-Clinical Article (in English) in Iranian Journals

·         Best Clinical Article (in English) in Iranian Journals

·         Best Non-Clinical Article (in English)

·         Best Clinical Article (in English)

·         Best Invention

·         Best Research Proposal

·         Best Innovation

·         Best Book Chapter

·         Best Book

·         Innovation in Surgical Technique

·         Blooming Scholar

·         Young Scholar in Visual Sciences

·         Young Scholar in Ophthalmology (Nominated for the Festival-ICO Grant)


Non-competitive category consists of:


·         Social and Professional responsibility and Service Award

·         Best Tutor Award

·         Humanitarian and Prevention of Blindness Award





Shams Festival-1st Year-2009-book 1.pdf (in Farsi)

Shams Festival-2nd Year-2010-book 2.pdf (in Farsi)

Shams Festival-3rd Year-2011-book 3.pdf (in Farsi)

Shams Festival-4th Year-2012-book 4.pdf (in Farsi)

Shams Festival-5th Year-2013-book 5.pdf (in Farsi)

Shams Festival-6th Year-2014-book 6.pdf (in Farsi)

Shams Festival-7th Year-2015-book 7.pdf (in Farsi)

Shams Festival-8th Year-2016-


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