Founded in 1930 by Dr. M. GH. Shams, Farabi Comprehensive Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology (FCCEO) is the largest and the most productive eye care facility in Iran and the region. The high aptitude of Farabi ophthalmologists, expert diagnostic capabilities, multispecialty coordinated care and access to the latest treatment and research are the main reasons patients choose Farabi to receive the best eye care for themselves and their families.


Farabi International Patient Department (IPD) has four separate rooms equipped with full monitoring for patient care, complete facilities, and communication equipment such as high-speed Internet, TV, separate wash room, etc.

All the personnel at IPD are able to communicate in English and Arabic. Attendings are available 24 hours a day to supervise patients' ophthalmic course of treatment


IPD Head: Mehdi Sanatkar, MD

IPD Officer: Narges Vesal


Deputy Head of International Affair: Mohammad Soleimani, MD FICO

Senior International Affairs Officer: Leila Farahzadi




Postal Address:

Farabi Comprehensive Center of Excellence in Ophthalmology

Qazvin Square, Tehran1336616351, Iran


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