Cornea and Anterior Segment Fellowship


Course Description:


The Cornea, anterior segment, and refractive surgery service at the Department of Ophthalmology, Tehran University (Farabi Eye Hospital) includes 8 fulltime and 6 part time faculty members. In the fellowship program clinical and surgical care are emphasized with ample research and teaching opportunities. The fellow will have the opportunity to expand his knowledge in the fields of medical and surgical management of cornea and anterior segment diseases.


Course Objectives:

The fellow will be involved in the medical management of different medical conditions including ocular surface disease, medical cornea, and planning for refractive surgery. The fellow will also have the opportunity to participate in different types of surgeries including pterygium surgery, ocular surface reconstruction, corneal transplantation (penetrating, DSAEK, and lamellar), refractive surgery, ring implantation, cataract surgery, lens implant exchanges, and pediatric anterior segment management.


Method of Instruction:

Clinical Facilities:

Cornea clinic, operating room, imaging unit, and refractive surgery department.


Clinical Responsibilities: 

Fellows will participate in the medical management and surgical planning of a broad spectrum of medical corneal disorders including microbial keratitis, ocular surface disorders, corneal dystrophies, autoimmune keratopathies, and refractive surgery. The fellow’s will be under the supervision of the consultant attending in the clinic. The fellow will participate in Grand Rounds and teaching conferences.


Research Responsibilities:

Clinical research and publication is encouraged. The fellow has the opportunity to get involved in the ongoing research projects in the department.


Course Location:

Farabi Eye Hospital


Course Instructors:

  • Dr. Mohammad Reza Fallah Tafti, MD, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr. Mahmoud Jabbarvand, MD, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Firoozeh Rahimi, MD, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Mohammad Naser Hashemian, MD, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Masoomeh Mohebbi, MD, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Mohammad Ali Zare Mehrjardi, MD, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Seyed Reza Ghaffari, MD, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Mehran Zarei Ghanavati, MD, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Hamed Ghasemi, MD, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Golshan Latifi, MD, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Hesam Hashemian, MD, Ophthalmologist
  • Dr Mehdi Khodaparast, MD, Ophthalmologist



Who can attend:


•           A degree in medicine approved by the Office of Vice- Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

•           A degree in ophthalmology approved by the Office of Vice- Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs of Tehran University of Medical Sciences

•           Evaluation of applicant academic documents including curriculum vitae

•           Personal interviews


The trainers will be assessed according to their potentials to communicate, interview, report, critical thinking problem solving managing patient as well as professionalism.


Course Duration:

18 months



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