Orbit and Oculoplastic Department


The department consists of five faculty members affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences (oculoplastic surgeons), four oculoplastic Fellowships, 6-12 residents in Ophthalmology and about 15-20 expert Nurses and paramedics.


Spaces and equipment encompass three large equipped clinics with full patient examination equipment, two separate men and women inpatient wards for hospitalization as well as a specially equipped VIP inpatient ward. Besides, the department consists of a large and equipped operating room that contains four separate rooms (eight operating beds in total). This operating room has complete anesthesia and surgical equipment as well as an advanced endoscope (STORZ) and three modern surgical microscopes (CARL ZEISS).


 The surgeries and procedures performed under the supervision of this department include:

1- Facial cosmetic injections including Botox, gel and fat injections.

2 - Facial and eyelid cosmetic surgery including upper face lifting and eyebrow lifting, upper and lower blepharoplasty (for correction of puffy eyelid), Ptosis surgery (for correction of dropping eyelid), eyelid retraction surgery (for correction of stare eyelid).

3- Eyelid Surgery Including Ectropion surgery (for correction of everted eyelid), Entropion Surgery (for correction of inverted eyelid), ectopic eyelash removal, canthoplasty, Eyelid Tumor Surgery (benign or malignant) and Eyelid Reconstruction after tumor resection.

4- Lacrimal System Surgery such as probing and Tubing with silicon stent in Children (for correction of tearing), Dacryocystorhinostomy (for correction of tearing in adult) which can be performed through external or through intranasal with endoscope.

5- Orbital Surgery (surgery in orbital bonny fossa) Including Orbital Fracture Correction and implantation of prosthesis, Orbital Decompression Surgery (for Correction of globe proptosis in Thyroid Patients), resection of orbital tumors and optic nerve fenestration in patient with high intracranial pressure.

6- The anophthalmic socket surgery and associated reconstruction including evisceration, enucleation, exenteration and socket reconstruction with  implant or abdominal dermis fat graft tissue and preparation of the socket space for the next cosmetic ocular or orbital prosthesis.


The orbit and oculoplastic department also holds weekly conferences every week on Saturdays, Mondays and Tuesdays, where the latest published articles from the world are reviewed and new complex cases are discussed.


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