The retina ward of Farabi eye hospital is open to patients from Saturday to Thursday.

The department contains the following sections:

1- Three outpatient clinics

2- Consulting clinic

3- Uveitis and intraocular inflammation clinic

4- Intraocular Tumors and Retinoblastoma clinic

3. Retinopathy of prematurity ward

4- Retinal imaging section including angiography, OCT and OCTA

5- Department of electrophysiological studies

6- The operating and intravitreal injections room

7- Laser therapy section


An average of 250 patients is scheduled daily to visit in the retina ward with problems such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, retinal vascular diseases, retinal detachment, uveitis, congenital retinal disorders, and retinal dystrophies, macular hole, retinal disorders secondary to systemic disorders and premature infants are screened for retinopathy of prematurity.


Four days per week uveitis and intraocular inflammation clinics are active and accepts more than 300 patients per week.


Intraocular tumors and retinoblastoma clinic as an advanced referral center in Iran accepts patients four days per week and diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in collaboration with other academic centers of Tehran University of medical sciences are performed in this clinic with an excellent registry program.


The department equipped with three advanced OCT, two OCTA and two SLO-based Angiography devices and two electrophysiological devices with more than 250 retinal imagings performed per day in the imaging center of the retina ward.


The retina ward operating room well equipped with seven surgical beds, seven advanced surgical microscopes, ten advanced vitrectomy and phacoemulsification devices, intraoperative laser and cryopexy devices, with an average of 30 surgeries per day. Most of these operations include retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, and macular hole. More than 150 anti-VEGFs intravitreal injections performed per day in the intravitreal injections room.


An average of 50 patients daily undergoes laser treatments such as pan-retinal photocoagulation and photodynamic therapy with 6 advanced laser equipment in the laser department.


Emergency department academic members:

1- Hooshang Faghihi M.D Vitreoretinal Surgeon - (Department Head)

2- Ahmad Mirshahi M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon

3-Fariba Ghassemi M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon

4- Ramak Roohipour M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon

5- Alireza Khodabande M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon

6- Mohammad Zarei M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon

7- Hassan Khojasteh M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon

8-Fatemeh Bazvand M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon

9-Nazanin Ebrahimi Adib M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon

10- Hamid Riazi-Esfahani M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon

11-Mohammad Hossein Shah-Heidari M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon

12-Afsar Farahani M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon

13- Marjan Imani M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon

14-Elias Khalili Pour M.D- Vitreoretinal Surgeon



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