Glaucoma Department, Farabi Eye Hospital


The Glaucoma department consists of glaucoma clinics, perimetry clinic and operation room. We actually have two separate glaucoma clinics. Our clinics are open for five days a week (except national holidays) and serve in the mornings and evenings. About 150-200 patients are visited each day. Our glaucoma specialists possess the expertise to evaluate and treat difficult glaucoma cases including pediatric glaucoma. There are 8 slit photographs, different kinds of tonometer (Goldmann, tonopen, iCare, Perkins) and different examination devices in the clinics, as well as, a yag-laser device. We also serve out-patient therapeutical interventions like laser trabeculoplasty, laser iridotomy in the clinic. In perimetry clinic, we have four perimeter devices (Humphrey visual field analyser). The daily turn-over of the patients is about 25 in this clinic.

Every day, 20 to 30 patients are scheduled for different surgeries. Our operation room is equipped with four surgical beds, four advanced surgical microscopes, four advanced phacoemulsification devices and cyclodestructice laser devices (endoscopic and transscleral). Different surgical procedures include laser procedures (CPC,ECP), filtering surgery and valve implants (Trabeculectomy, AGV) and non-penetrating surgery (deep sclerectomy, viscocanalostomy). Complicated cataract procedures are served by our specialists. In addition, our specialists have expertise in surgical management of congenital and childhood glaucoma including goniotomy and trabeculotomy. The average duration of stay in Iran is about 7 days after a surgical procedure. The patients may need regular appointments during the first week after the surgery; however, the patient is usually discharged the day after the surgery and is revisited in 5 to 7 days. Some patients are required to be visited within a  month.

Our academic faculty members manage and treat any kind of glaucoma: pediatric/childhood glaucoma, juvenile glaucoma, adult glaucoma and secondary glaucoma diseases (traumatic, uveitic, etc.)

Please remember to take all the previous related medical documents with you when visting Farabi Eye Hospital.


Glaucoma clinic academic members:

  • Yadollah Eslami ( Department Head), Glaucoma Fellowship
  • Reza Zarei, Glaucoma Fellowship
  • Ghasem Fakhraei, Glaucoma Fellowship
  • Sasan Moghimi, Glaucoma Fellowship
  • Masood Mohammadi, Glaucoma Fellowship
  • Zakieh Vahedian, Glaucoma Fellowship
  • Mona Safizadeh, Glaucoma Fellowship


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